Gov’t Shutdowns: Reagan Holds the Lead, Because of Course

So, the Government is going to shut down. I mean, probably.

The Democrats hold enough power to hold back the 60 votes needed to pass a budget bill (let’s see how the newly-elected Doug Jones votes. I’m keeping my eye on him and his non-committal stance on this vote).

With all of this looming in the close horizon, I hope to take a trip down to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell tomorrow (Friday Jan 19, 2018) because who knows how many times the Government will shut down again in the next few years? And with my proximity to those National Parks, I may as well visit them while I can.

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While holding my chin up as a proud American on the lawn of Independence hall, I’ll think about how Government shutdowns will keep on coming because, if Reagan was any sort of indication for how the next few years pan out, there’s going to be plenty of shutdowns coming.

Reagan (picture from Wikipedia).

The Government shut down 8 times during his Presidency. Let me repeat that, EIGHT TIMES.

For the record, 7/8 of those shutdown happened with a Republican-controlled Senate. Many, with a majority as large as 55-45.

The last shutdown in 2013 cost an estimated $24 Billion dollars.

So, when it comes again–because how different are Trump and Reagan really–it’s going to happen again and again. Let’s see how many billions of dollars it costs this time.


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